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Fertilizer Management Software Kerala

The objective of the Fertilizer Management System is to monitor using IT based Technology Solution, the movement and sales of the different fertilizers from fertilizer manufacturer/importers to fertilizer wholesalers and from wholesalers.

The system acts as a tool for Cooperative Society to track and ensure the timely distribution of fertilizers to the farmer community in Trivandrum,Kerala,India.

The Fertilizer Management software Kerala System is a Centralized System with web application facilitates companies, wholesalers and retailers to report fertilizer sales, receipts and stock. You do not need to be tech savvy before using Fertilizer Management software System. A vibe for innovations all you need to adopt this platform. Our platform is able to support a robust range of fertilizer varieties and geographies.

In Kerala, Wholesalers and retailers are using a user friendly web application for acknowledging receipt of fertilizers, reporting onward fertilizer sale, and reporting daily stock position. The transparency portal provides dissemination of information across the fertilizer supply chain up to retailer level.

Stock, sales and dispatch reports generated from the system augment the process of determining availability of different fertilizers in the country.

Benefits Include

  • Single point of Access for all stake holders
  • Instant status on fertilizer availability, stock, consumption etc.
  • Fertilizer subsidy disbursement process is moving towards greater transparency since the payments is made to the manufacturers on the basis of retailer receipt acknowledgement
  • With the information visibility at the last point of sale to the farmer
  • Precise and sustainable fertilizer planning
  • Data-driven fertilizer
  • Cost optimization modules become more efficient and save costs
  • GST Inclusive in the Billing module
  • Advanced reporting module
  • Various types of reports
  • Simplifying the GST return filing
  • Real-time Stock alert