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Laundry Management System Software Kerala

We present the planning and implementation of a laundry management Software system utilized in a laundry establishment in Kerala,India. Laundry firms are usually faced with difficulties to keep detailed records of consumers clothing. The aim of this application is to work out the amount of garments collected, in reference to their owners, as this also helps the users fix a date for the collecting of their clothes. Also customer's information is secured, as a selected id is allocated per registration to avoid contrasting information. We provide a fully operational laundry management software kerala system that makes your work easy and comfortable.

Modules of Laundry Management System

  • Customer booking
  • Branches or collection points
  • Appointments
  • Service Management
  • Articles Management
  • Staff and attendance
  • Pricing
  • Salary Management
  • Customer Management
  • Reports Generation
  • User Management