Human Resources Management System


HRMS Software Kerala

  • Easy user interface and interactive design to facilitate admins
  • View total people, total company, leave & document management, HR settings, Total Project, tasks and theme settings.
  • View calendar, it has all included module, where you can add and view in the calendar
  • View employee departments in pie chart
  • View employee designation in pie chart
  • View total salaries and total salaries paid.
  • View employee status in pie chart, who is working and who is absent.
  • View total employee, male and female percentage
  • View quick links, in quick links we can add your staff, tasks, projects and assets.
  • View last 4 payment history of employees.
  • View last 4 new employees.

Modules in HRMS System

  • Staff: Employees, Roles and Privileges, Staff Directory, Import Employees
  • Core HR: Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Travels, Promotions Complaints, Warning, Terminations, Employees log in, Employee exit
  • Organization: Announcements, Company policy, Organization chart, Departments, Designations, Company, locations, office shift, Holidays, Expenses
  • HR Calendar
  • Assets, Assets category
  • Goal tracking, Goal types
  • Events and Meetings: Events, Meetings
  • Time sheet: Attendance, Monthly time sheet, Time sheet calendar, Date wise attendance, Update attendance, Import attendance, Payroll, Recruitment, Theme setting
  • Training: Training list, Training type, Trainers
  • Files manager, Inquiries
  • Performance: Performance indicators, Performance appraisal
  • Projects: Projects, Tasks
  • Leave
  • System
  • HR Reports